About Us

The Birth Of 10 10

10 10 might be designed for mommy and child, but it was actually a daddy who prompted its birth. While shopping for children’s essentials with his wife, the founder saw how tedious it could get. It was almost impossible to find everything they needed under one roof. Most stores carried either only a handful of brands or a small product range. Popular products were often out of stock. Hopping from store to store to find the items – with a screaming toddler and a hyperactive kid in tow – was also no joke. All these prompted the founder to set up a one-stop store for mommies. Well-stocked with a deep assortment of pregnancy, baby and child essential products, his store carries every little thing that mommies need, through their 10-month pregnancy cycle to when their kids are 10 years old, hence the store’s name – 10 10. An engaging shopping experience also awaits kids at 10 10 where they can learn as they shop, alongside mommy and daddy, from shelves placed at their eye level. Now when mommy goes to 10 10, she can relax as she shops and bonds with her chirpy kids. As for daddy, it is the beaming smile on their faces that really matters.

10 Reasons To Shop At 10 10

  • 1
    Everything Under One Roof
    Where you can find all Mother & Child Essentials
  • 2
    Fresh And Well-Stocked
    Replenishing stock constantly to ensure freshness and availability
  • 3
    Friendly Pricing
    That helps you save more
  • 4
    Where Your Child Can Shop With You
    And is treated as a customer
  • 5
    Little Learning Corners
    For your children while you shop
  • 6
    Child-Friendly At Every Turn
    Safety features at every corner
  • 7
    Clean Shopping Environment
    With your children’s hygiene in mind
  • 8
    Help Is Here
    Our staff are trained to assist you
  • 9
    Shop With Ease
    Personalised services for your convenience
  • 10
    Used On Our Children Too!
    Every product is picked with the utmost care